Wool Rug Cleaning Hudson Valley NY (845)334-8323

Unlike synthetic materials Wool and Silk rugs demand special attention. If a quality wool or silk rug is cleaned incorrectly the results can be disastrous. Change in texture, Shrinking, Color Bleeding and Running are all possible. Too much heat, water, wrong PH Level chemicals, inexperienced technicians or the overzealous homeowner can ruin a family heirloom. Not just a floor covering a quality hand tied wool or silk rug is a work of art. Identifiable by culture and style handmade rugs add a warmth and sophistication to your home. An entire room or interior space can be designed around a beautiful rug. Why would you trust it to just anyone. If you have a rug that needs cleaning contact a rug cleaning professional. Ask if they have experience with your type of rug. And if you are not sure do some research yourself. Hand Woven Rugs come from, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Russia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and China. There are different styles of knots; Turkish Knot, Persian Knot, and both Turkish and Persian knots can be done in the Jufti Knot where they have basically skipped a step and are able to complete the rug faster. These rugs are not as plush and are less durable. There are different thickness’ of pile and even pileless carpets known as Kelims. Whether you have a Tabriz, Herez, Meshkin, Senna, Hamadan, Sarouk, Lillihan, Kerman, Karabagh, Bukhara, or a rug from India, China or Tibet. Do your research when hiring a cleaner. You should inquire if the cleaner will do the cleaning on location or take the rug out to a plant. There are cleaners who claim to have a rug plant but actually farm out the rug to a cleaner that could be states away. You should consider the insurance implications of such an operation, and what recourse you have if your rug gets lost in the shuffle or if a subcontractor damages your rug.

We will explain every step of the process once the correct process is determined for your rug. We welcome you to observe the cleaning process.


or call (845)334-8323 today!

A: Over 81,150 soft pliable nylon bristles of this cylindrical brush assure thorough, deep-down penetration.

B: Air Cells generated in machine are deposited evenly just ahead of the brush.

C: Brush is adjustable to reach the base of any pile depth to loosen and lift soil into suspension for instant removal.

D: Powerful, built-in vacuum simultaneously extracts dirt-laden Air Cells



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