Hudson Valley’s Best Carpet Cleaning


Since 1998 We’ve been keeping the Hudson Valley Clean


We utilize the most advanced equipment to clean your home and business carpets.
Our trained technicians are courteous and professional.
Our dedication to our craft sets us apart.

Commercial Cleaning

Not just clean… A Supersonic Clean. We pride ourselves on bringing the dirtiest commercial carpets back to life and then maintaining their appearance for you. Appearance counts in business and a clean space says a lot. Don’t let a dirty carpet say anything about you or your business. If you were thinking your only option was the huge expense and hassle of replacement… Think again, and give us a call. Let us show you what our rotary system and 12 step cleaning process can do. We can work off hours so there is no interruption of business. If you’re not satisfied we offer a 100% money back guarantee. Call us for an estimate.



Is your tile Supersonic clean? You can see it when tile need a cleaning. Dirt, mold and other grime are continuing to collect on your tile and in your grout. Keeping your tile clean isn’t just for appearance it helps keep a space healthy. Deep clean. New Shine. Filling Gaps. Let us bring back your tile to when it was first installed. A Supersonic tile cleaning is sure to give you piece of mind that your floor is clean. Our trained professionals have the knowledge and cutting edge technology to properly clean your tile. Give us a call today!



Our courteous and professionally trained staff will get your home’s carpet Supersonic Clean. We have a 12-step system to help get your carpets truly clean. You know when it’s time to clean your home’s carpet. But often life gets in the way. We seem to be more busy than ever, but a clean home isn’t something that we should live without. A deep Supersonic carpet cleaning can have your whole home feeling fresh and clean. Your carpet is continually trapping harmful pollutants. Let us remove them safely, and revive the look feel and smell of your carpets. Clean carpets are by far better. Give us a call today.



We clean your pure wool carpets safely and thoroughly in your home. We use advanced low moisture systems that not only clean but fluff up your rugs. And because our method uses so little moisture dry time is usually about an hour! And don’t worry about your wood floors. No moisture goes below the backing so your floors stay dry. Our advanced detergents have no added fragrance and are safer for people pets and the environment.


Pet Stains

We tackle the toughest stains. Our pets are part of the family, and just like us occasionally they have accidents. Unfortunately if pet stains are not addressed quickly and properly they can really affect your home. We are trained and have the equipment to remove the toughest pet and odor problems. Don’t try half measures that may or may not work, or possibly make the problem worse. Let us take care of the problem for you.


Supersonic Cleaning