The Best Professional Furniture Cleaning In Rhinebeck NY

Fix Your Wagon in Kingston NY services the beautiful homes of Rhinebeck with the best Upholstery Cleaning Available. Earth Safe – Deep Clean and Dry in 1 Hour! Whether your are entertaining or just enjoying your home count on Fix Your Wagon’s courteous and professional upholstery cleaning service to revive and restore your furniture. Using advanced low moisture systems and gentle but powerful cleaning agents that are Green Seal Certified we will have your home looking great! Call and schedule today (845)334-8323 or visit- for a full list of services that will have your home’s interior looking wonderful. The Highest Quality Safest Upholstery Cleaning Method is Priced Less Than You May Think! Call Today!


A) Container for special liquid detergent. (B) Exhaust air from electric motor travels to (C) where it mixes with detergent to produce air cell bubbles. (D) Dirt-dissolving bubbles rush to (E) Brush Head. (F) Nozzle of powerful vacuum removes dirt-laden bubbles from fabric. (G) Air cell bubbles with dirt held in suspension arrive in dirt receptacle tank after passing through (H) Filter. The Cleaning cycle is completed.

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“Schedule Online”

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